Established in 1997, Reia Studio has positioned itself as one of Canada's leading incubators for young talent and new product lines and as a sought-after agency for established labels looking to enter and sell throughout North America. 


 Sales and distribution strategies . Showroom representation . Special sales event planning and management: pop up shops, trunk shows, in-store events and private buying events  Partnerships with industry influencers . Brand development, positioning and re-positioning Design direction and curation.


     Public relations and social media management . Brand partnerships and collaborations. Product placement . Celebrity and industry seeding . Sponsorship development. Fashion show and special event marketing.



Elsa Reia stands out wherever she goes, but nowhere more so than on Canada’s fashion scene, where she has carved a vibrant path as an innovator and a trendsetter.

She made her industry debut as the Co-Founder and CEO of Leggings, the very first boutique in North America dedicated exclusively to hosiery, paving the way into Canada and the United States for many brands that are now industry pillars. Leggings was followed with another first: Accessity, a boutique which became the preferred market-entry venue for legendary accessory brands.

Wanting to focus on her ability to recognize emerging talent and foresee fashion trends led to the launch of Reia Studio. Today, the Studio’s brands are sold across North America at leading department stores and boutiques.

A lifelong supporter of the fashion industry, Elsa lectures on entrepreneurship, brand strategy and on the development of fashion and private labels at Ryerson University and for the Toronto Fashion Incubator. Her eye for spotting talent and recognizing fashion excellence is tapped annually as a member of the jury for the CAFA Awards.